All About Bobby

As resident design expert and member of the Fab Five on Netflix’s Emmy Award-winning series Queer Eye, Bobby Berk transforms lives from the inside out—quite literally. Crowned one of the “most famous interior designers working today” by Architectural Digest in 2020, Bobby also pioneers an eponymous multi-faceted brand,

A thirst for more led Bobby to pursue his passion across the country, immersing himself in the retail world from the ground up. This relentless drive and creative meticulousness, paired with a love of people, earned Bobby the title of Creative Director for Portico Home + Spa.

Bobby started his own company in 2006, eventually expanding the business nationwide. Then in 2015, he launched his full-service bespoke interior design practice for residential, commercial and hospitality clientele—a wildly successful tale of transforming homes and touching lives.

“Bobby Berk has a superpower for transforming lives and living spaces.”

– Los Angeles Times

A Story of Partnership – Our Inspiring Bobby Story

Tri Pointe Homes’ and Bobby Berk’s relationship began in 2015 when he was selected to collaborate on the design of The Responsive Home, two concept homes focused on understanding and activating the Millennial homebuyer. The synergistic relationship naturally evolved over the years to include design collaborations for more than 15 Tri Pointe communities across the U.S.

Right at Home

Bobby Berk reveals how the transformative power of designing your living space, no matter the size, is essential to your self-care. It has an impact that’s instantly gratifying, deeply resonant and absolutely undeniable to your life.

Can’t Quite Picture Your New Look?

Get ready to define your unique design aesthetic with our Style Finder. This personalized experience, guided by the expertise of Bobby Berk, will take you on a creative journey to find the style that fits you best. It’s time to find your vibe and live your best life.

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