The BB Edit

You’ll have everything you need to create the designer home of your dreams at your fingertips. Our 10 unique design collections curated by Bobby Berk exclusively for Tri Pointe Homes bring together all the elements that go into creating a distinct style, down to every detail.

New Mediterranean

The perfect fusion of old-world charm and contemporary flair, this collection uses a harmonious blend of ocean hues and rustic natural elements.

Tailored Industrial

This high-contrast aesthetic makes a statement without saying a word. It’s punchy. Unapologetic. With an undeniable edge.

Luxe Bohemian

Earthy, eclectic and visually aesthetic, Luxe Bohemian is refined and relaxed, introducing a rich tapestry of textures and styles to the interior of your home.

Transitional Farmhouse​

Embrace the comfort of tradition with the elegance of today through the Transitional Farmhouse collection.

Organic Modern

Get back to the basics with this collection—a tactilely stimulating yet simplistic blend of nature-centric elements and organic materials.

Serene Scandinavian

We’re seeing serene with this collection. Minimalist furnishings against a muted canvas pair with clean lines and unencumbered spaces.

Textural Neutral

Texture, texture, read all about it! Clean, simple and straight to the point, this collection pairs highly textural weaves with hard-surface materials.

Updated Traditional

A contemporary twist on cherished classics, Updated Traditional weaves then and now with seamless harmony.

Zen Sanctuary

All is airy and bright with this tranqui collection that marries organic elements, and curvilinear forms, creating a mood that uplifts and relaxes.

Classic Mid-Century

Take it back to the 50s with the Classic Mid-Century collection—an ageless homage to our history that maximizes function and statement flair.

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